Thank you for my new position. . . and it never would have happened without you. Thank you for giving me back my life.

Bob C., Chief Financial Officer

It is with much enthusiasm that I am writing to recommend the services of AREVO Group.

I have been utilizing the services of AREVO Group to assist with our staffing needs for the past two years and have always been completely satisfied with their performance. They are extremely hard working, detail oriented, have solid integrity and dedication, and provide great value to our organization. They have presented creative solutions to challenges and have always been an absolute pleasure to work with.

We also view them as a true partner to our organization. Dave Stickels and the AREVO team have taken the time to truly understand our company and our culture. We had a major hiring initiative for the greater part of 2018 where AREVO Group was our sole staffing provider for not only our headquarters in Charlotte, NC but also for our locations in New York, NY and Columbus, OH. We selected AREVO Group for their proven track record and had full confidence in their ability to support this highly important and large hiring initiative. Their positive attitude and roll up your sleeves to get the job done mentality went above and beyond my expectations. They are my preferred choice in staffing.

I am happy to recommend the services of AREVO Group.

Mandy F. SPH, SCP Director of Human Resources

Whether working with AREVO Group to find contract resources for a limited time contract, contract to hire, or even as a direct placement myself, they’ve always found the best candidates, put them through a thorough vetting process, and communicated well along the way. You won’t get a pile of resumes just handed off to you from AG. They shortlist the candidates, compare them to your posting, call out specific skills that match what you are looking for, and coordinate the interviews to your process. You might think that this sounds similar to other teams you’ve worked with, but I can tell you that as a growing small company AG treats each and every customer as you would your own. You know where you stand on each candidate, they communicate without overburdening you, and they treat the candidates well too. If you’re looking to fill a position on your team or you are looking for your next assignment, as someone who’s worked with AG on both, I can confidently say that AG would be a great team to have on your side.

Anonymous 01

I worked with AG on an ongoing basis and also to onboard a technology resource…demeanor, skill and candor were a delight to have on-site… contribution to the organization as a business/recruiting professional, in my opinion, was organic and greatly appreciated.

Dale A., Sr. IT Manager & Project Leader

I have worked with AREVO Group on multiple engagements… always performed in the most professional manner and has represented me well as a recruiter and client manager.

Scott M., SVP, Program Manager

AREVO Group was instrumental in recruiting me for a long term contract with a major client…was not interested in just looking for a body to fill the position but wanted to make sure the relationship worked for both parties.

Bryan M., Senior Partner

We hired AREVO Group to help install a new IT network in our office. Each member of our office has different levels of technical understanding and was great in being sure to explain things so everyone would understand…has also been a great asset in the following months with troubleshooting. I highly recommend to anyone for any of their IT needs.

Mandi Bryson, Associate Director of Events & Operations

Brent is trustworthy and reliable and works very hard to match the correct candidate with our organization.

Joe A., Servant Leader

Finds the skills we need, finds them quickly, and somehow manages to consistently find people with excellent personalities. There are too many “recruiters” out there and, as such, are often avoided because of their hard sell “smooze”…….with AREVO Group you get none of the BS.

Scott P., Principal

Really wants to get the person you believe is the right candidate in the position you are trying to fill. Other recruiters I have worked with will stop searching once they think they have found the right person for your position…also delivered several qualified candidates in a very timely manner…easy to work with and responsive to your needs.

Jim H., Director, Application Support